it hurts

i lived a dream, a wonderful one, full of good moments, Sad and Happy moments, Hard and Easy ones. learnt things, I saw things I didn’t see before, I felt things I didn’t feel before. Every thing was new and happening for the first time. The dream lasted long enough that it seemed real, lasted long enough that it became part of my life, and then it was time to wake up and realize that it is just a dream, a beautiful one but a dream.


And waking up was painful, was tearing, was certainly a feeling that I don’t wish for anyone to feel. It is when tears are willingly pushing themselves out of your eyes and volcano is exploding in your chest, when your nerves physically hurt, and when and when and so many feelings that words can not properly explain. Conclusion is IT HURTS BAD


And when you are hurt, people do not understand what you feel, they don’t know what it is like to be in such place, they don’t know how to deal with you, how to help you out, or how to get you out of it, even they try really hard.


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