the power of prayers

Amazing is the Power of Prayer, so i was down and it nearly killed me, or i nearly killed myself, getting busy was somehting i tried to do, but did that help, OH NO IT DIDN’T, it was just like putting the pain on pause without curing it, withouth changing it, and then it was the day when i had a chance to finally talk about it to someone who could understand, and it was the same day when i earlier said i can’t continue like that, i have decided that i should start saying my prayers and return to Him, and that day He gave me that friend that i could talk to, as if He is telling me if you think it is time to pray and turn to Me the i will help you take that step. and i talked to my friend and i got it all out, it is so good to be heard, and i started praying and that’s when things started to feel different and it changed slowly to become even better and better, and it is not only my prayes that helped me but it is the spiritual breezes wafting on me from all the prayers that my dear friends recitetd for me.
i learnt that i should pray for my friends, andi wanted to tell you that when you are asked to pray by one of your friends Please DO pray for them it really really help, it really does
THANKS to all my friends Thanks to GOD for giving us such a powerful way to over come hard times

One thought on “the power of prayers

  1. I want to say that you are so young and there is a whole new world out there. If you are the extrovert who likes dancing to anything, go to Zouk on Jiak Kim street on a Saturday night. Its not the booze that drives them crazy. Its the music. Its the Asian Ibiza. If you are an introvert, go to Pierce reservoir along upper Thomson road and take a morning walk along the jungle track. You will hear the rustling of leaves and the birds singing. Listen to the stream, it gives you inner peace. Friends can in a huge way. Because they are mental stimulation, always talking and listening leaving you no room for thinking about other things. The  most difficult hour would be when you are alone in the evenings. You tend to feel powerless when feelings fight back. The trick is, make yourself tired. Sweat it out. Go jogging, cycling, swimming, anything. Be strong. I always tell myself, no matter how many feet I have fallen, I will always come out as a survivor.
    Hope all this will help.
     Remember, tomorrow is another new adventure!


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