Wow sweet Shanghai

So a lot of work, a lot of traveling, and they said guys we need to go to Taiwan for a meeting, I was mildly excited about, thinking oh a new place that I haven’t been to before and it would be good to see it. And then they come back with disappointment tone saying "sorry guys we can’t make it to Taiwan we might have to change the location to China" and I was Jumping and Screaming and getting Really excited.


I called up all my friends "guys I am coming back it is party time let’s get together" and applying for Visa was easy, getting tickets was easy every thing happened very smooth and I was too busy to think about it twice.


and I arrived in Shanghai Sunday Morning, the minute I stepped outside the airport I smelled the air that compared to Singapore felt so polluted and it had a weird smell, it took me only a couple of minutes to get over that and a couple of minutes later I was riding in a taxi to go see one of my friends, and on the way, just looking around the city during the drive, and I really felt that I am in my comfort zone, I felt so much at home.


And then I met my friends and just felt like home coming, it felt like this is where I belong, this is where I should be.


Oh it is so nice to be back and it feels weird that I should leave in a couple of days. but anyway I will just have to go with what I believe in, I believe that wherever I live is home and whoever I meet is my family, and maybe I just need to give myself sometime in my new home to feel like home and to build another comfort zone


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