Talking about for an old friend

 don’t you think i am such a lucky person, lucky with the love of my friends, if you don’t think so read what Rosey wrote and you would know how lucky. it is a blessing from GOD to have such good friends in your life, that see the very few good things about you and close and eye on the tons of other bad thing you have.


for an old friend

Today I met an old friend visiting shanghai from Singapore , it reminded me a lot of memories..
That was a nice meeting in starbucks , a guy with a scarf of strips and warm smile walked to me, "Are you Rosey?" "nice to meet you"… we had a nice and very funny talk in our first meeting, it was really relax time, before I had also met some other people in same situation, but it’s never be like this funny and relax. And then we found out we live near each other, so we decided to take my bicycle together to home. I remeber he took off the hat from his coat and put it in the back of bicyle so I won’t feel too hard to sit on the back. very nice and thoughtful guy.
Later we met often for teaching him Chinese and nice talking about culture and life, I always have the feeling that he should be a girl, because he is sensitive like a girl, thoughtful like a girl and understanding like a girl, language difficulty is no problem for our communication, because I can feel he can always read my mind, I should say people’s mind, because I think this is his gift.
Later, he started to have his girl friend, and I have my boyfriend, he shared to me he is the most lucky guy in the world to have this girl, and I cried on the phone to tell him my confusion. I don’t know if he benefited from me, but I would say those time when I was upset, he was really really helpful and important person of me, to suggest me be strong and tell me how should we see about life.
He is very faithful of his religion, and I tried to research it too, I am not faith of it but I do see the people with religion are more clear aware about why and how life should be,and I felt very peaceful in my deep heart when we disccussed about was just like everything suddenly become clear visible for you.
It has been two years, time goes by.. now he left to singapore for a better career, and the day he told me he broke up with his girlfriend, I can’t help tear out. I couldn’t find out why? such a boy who knows what he is doing, who knows always what’s the next step of life, who had such a clear dream about his and her future life, how can it turned out this result. I can’t work out why, he deserves happiness, he should be happy!!
But today with so many friends around , he is surround by love, I am happy to see smile on his face again, and I really miss the time to disccuss about life with him,  and I do hope in the future, he can always have this beautiful smile which belongs to him..

2 thoughts on “Talking about for an old friend

  1. Yes, we are lucky we have friends, and you are special nice person that\’s why you have a factory of good friends, but don\’t be late for 2 hours next time:)


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