I love my friends

Nick, Youlia and Bhargava, are three of my friends, we met six years ago in India and we served together at the house of worship for a couple of months, i had the best time with them then, best time includes good and bad moments, hard and easy ones.
well they all three decided to come and visit me around the same time, and i had a wonderful week with all of them, we got to have silly fun and meaningless humor plus a lot of meaningful discussions, Sharing and catching up, and prayers and spiritual discussions.
i can say it was a really good and i wish i have more of that kind of friends, people whom i comfortable with, i care about them and they care about me, we could relate to each others experience, being in the same age group, having been friends for a long time and going through similar experience, sharing our feelings and getting insight and advice was amazing.
THANKS to my friends for coming to visit me i had a great time

3 thoughts on “I love my friends

  1. Hi M, yes, it was a really great week I had with you in Singapore, and I\’d love to do it again sometime.  One of the happier moments of the year for me.  Miss you man.


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