Water Skiing

What Fun and What Joy,


I live basically three minutes walking from this Water Skiing Park; it is a nice lagoon on the east coast of Singapore that was turned recently into a cable skiing park. I always pass by it and feel amazed by the fun people are having there and I keep telling myself I should try it. And then one day I just made the decision I went out there and I signed in. an hour of continuous trials started by the knee board, and I tripped and fill in the water a number of times till I finally mastered it.


it was amazing the feeling of steering on the water, such a free, refreshing feeling, the water sparkle your body and your face, the wind gently passes over your body and your power lies in understanding your weight and your board and moving them on the water as the cable drags you rapidly.


the new challenge now is the standing board I only managed to surf for a few meters before I lose my balance and fall in the water, but I am not giving up, it is so much fun trying to understand your body balance in a different setting, it feels like the baby that is taking his first steps as he walks and then fall down two steps later. But then eventually not after too much time he walks and runs and fills the house with a mess. And I will make a mess in the lagoon sometime soon, wish me luck!


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