Cycling in Pulau Ubin

What a day!! my friends in Katong organized to go on a day to Pulau Ubin which is an island north east of Singapore. we took a ferry to reach there, and then once you get off the ferry you find shops for renting bicycles. we were seven youth and a kid, got our bikes, and started going around the island, it was a lot of fun exploring, I enjoyed speeding up on the paved roads and still had a lot of fun on the bumpy hilly ones as well.


A bit later in the afternoon it started RAINING and the poured it was a lot of fun riding in the rain and getting wet. We escaped to a restaurant close to the beach and we had the famous Chili Crab and Black Pepper Crab, and other delicious seafood dishes.


after we had our lunch we got the ferry back to Singapore, it was a great trip lots of fun, good exercise and good food. and most importantly Great Company.


2 thoughts on “Cycling in Pulau Ubin

  1. Hey man, you are having so much fun! I saw all your photos. Makes me wanna go home. Yes, I miss those Sara Lee Cakes you can find in the supermarts!
    – Teri


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