Let’s connect to eachother

let’s smile at each other, let great each other, when we meet in the elevator of the building, let’s say hello, when we ride a taxi let’s bring a smile to the taxi driver, when we ride a bus let’s smile at the driver, let’s wave to the kids we meet and smile at them.


but then guess what, in some cultures people will look back at you and think (what a weirdo) or (why is this guy smiling at me? I don’t know him) don’t let that discourage you, cause even though they didn’t smile back their day will be different that they saw your beautiful smile and maybe another day the will smile back, and who knows, maybe they will think it is a good idea to smile at others, and they will do likewise


I know that this won’t magically turn the world into a happy place, but it will definitely make a difference, so let’s make a difference towards a happier world around us 🙂


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