Talking about Moved by Bahai beautiful hearts.

 my friend who just had a warm exprience shared it on her blog and i wanted to share it as well cause i think it is so beautiful


Moved by Bahai beautiful hearts.

Today I joined an engagement party of one of my friends, most of people in this party were Bahai or related to Bahai. The party started by a prayering of marriage part of the Bahai principle, saying marriage is an union of two people in both physical way and spirit way, the God let them be together and support each other for all the rest life..They will become an union for ever and never betray each other..I know in all wedding there is this part that the couple announce to be with each other for the rest life, but the way today I experinced was special sincere and in a very peaceful envirment.each of about 10 of us read a peice of the marriage principle from the Bahai book, I can hear everyone of us was very sincere and with a loving heart..
After the prayering part, many of us talked about how we met this couple, and how great they were and how lucky they were for each other. we laughed a lot and felt moved by their great stories.
During the dinner, I had great talk with many of these people, from the parents of the bride, I learned this girl has  grown up in China since young when her parents moved from Ameria to Beijing, and the job of this girl now is to work in the poor erea of China where the education is needed, she choosed to help poor people instead of making money in the city, this beautiful girl, the first time when I saw her in the photo, I can see she has so beautiful smile, and now I realized why, because under that smile, there is a beautiful heart making her smile to each of people, and bring the happiness to each of people.
In this party, I felt love, everybody is sharing their love to this couple and to others too, I felt a very familiar warm feeling here, I want to say thanks to these nice people who brought me this feeling, and I wish all of them have good life, and have always happy smile on their face as I saw today.
Beautiful people, thanks so much to let me known there are so much beautiful things in this world, and I am going to be grateful for what I have now with my life, and bring more happiness to the rest of people..

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