Community FunFair

Sunday we had a community funfair a the Bahá’í Center, where different people are doing different activities, Mey taught jazz dance, for about half an hour, a young youth was painting faces, there was a beauty shop, for hair braiding and nail polishing, and hair cut, YiYing was taking professional photography, there were cloths, plants and food on sale, and there was a cafeteria, (where i worked as a waiter) the kitchen staff were cooking food all the time, in response to orders, people where washing dishes others bringing orders in and out, or taking them, and a lot of other activities. it was a lot of fun.

it was a lot of fun being a waiter for the first time, i had the the worst hand writing and got complaints from the kitchen staff, but i worked on improving that, so they were eventually able to read my had writing (or they probably improved there ability to decode my handwriting). towards the end of the day some of the friends started playing the guitar while the rest of us sang songs that we knew the lyrics for, it was a very nice day, many people took photos, once they are ready i will publish them to my spaces once i get them.
one of them is already below with this cute kid


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