Haircut on Valentine’s

Yiying, Jun heng, and Choon Ai, came to have dinner and hang out at my place, we ordered pizza and had fun talking while eating, and then Yiying came up with the idea of cutting Jun Heng’s hair, YAY sounded like fun idea and i supported it so did Choon Ai.
the Fun started by Yiying experimenting, on Junhengs head but then it ended up with Choon Ai doing the actual work
i have to commend Jun Heng on his patience and faith in both Yiying and Choon Ai he just sat down in a prayerful mood hoping deep down that they don’t mess up his head, which showed later in how surprised he was when the hair cut turned out to be an awsome one.
i am adding a photo albume on it check it out.

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