Annoying TSA rules (and personells)

heading back to Singapore from San Francisco ariport i got stopped for special security sreening, and as i like to cooperate i thought i would take it with a smile, and help those guys do their job to insure the security of the craft. and as they went through my carry on, they found my body spray (when flying for 15 hours you need it in your carry on) so is the following conversation
  • TSA officer1: Sir you can’t take this with you
  • Me: why i flew here carrying it in my carry on??
  • TSA officer1: it has to be put in a ziploc
  • Me: well you are supposed to provide that ziploc
  • TSA officer1: okay let me finish first checking the rest of your items and i check the options you have
  • Me: sigh
  • TSA officer1, goes and talks to TSA officer2 and then come back with TSA officer2
  • TSA officer2 takes a look at my spray and mumbles "it is inflamable" then he says: Sir you can only take this if you put it in a ziploc
  • Me: okay then get me a ziploc
  • TSA officer2: No sir we don’t provide ziploc you have to get it from the airlines. but if you do so you will have to go out, then come through the security screening again!!
  • Me: this is rediculious!! i can still take it out of the ziploc as soon as i get on the plane!!
  • TSA officer1 and TSA officer2 look at each other and look at me waiting for me to decide
  • Me: i will surrender it, then i asked TSA officer2, what if i buy the same spray from the duty free will i be able to take it on the plane??
  • TSA officer2: yes
  • Me: and it will still be inflamable? and no ZipLoc
  • TSA officer2: any thing beyond the security check point is okay

and that is how TSA rules are. and that is HOW much i HATE going to the US


3 thoughts on “Annoying TSA rules (and personells)

  1. hehe, that\’s interesting conversation and really stupid system..hey, as I was told by you: be always nice tone,so you are not supposed to put "stupid" on the officers;) but I forgave you, because you are always forgivable:)


  2. What is a ziploc?Also, you might want to edit the first line, which should say "you can\’t take this with you".I think a lot of these rules are just to sell extra things in the airport shops. 


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