Tears on the 405

Bellevue, WA, USA.  Friday January 23rdAt 9:30 am I was driving on the 405 from Redmond to Seattle-Tacoma international airport to catch my flight back to Singapore after a week of meetings.  On Thursday Microsoft announced that 5000 jobs will eliminated over the next 18 months 1400 of which will be notified on the day itself. Just before I hit the road on Friday I listened to the first half an hour of Steve Ballmer speech during the Town Hall meeting with MS employees.

 He of course addressed some of the concerns that his annocnement on the leading day may have caused to rise. Especially when it comes to people I think we are a great company. And these people whose jobs were eliminated will be taken care of. I am not sure what exactly the agreement is but on top of what they are getting from Microsoft they are still able to pursue other opportunities in the company as well as get help to find jobs in other fields.

With all that I still couldn’t help but breaking into tears as I was driving to the airport, praying from the bottom of my heart to these people and their families. I am very grateful that I am not affected by this recent announcement but I am still worried for what is happening in the world.

It has been a tough phase for sometime already. But it just felt a lot stronger when it got close, some of these people I may have met, or known or even worked with. Some of these people may have dependants.

Of course I then pause and realized that it is much bigger than all of us and that we need to all together and alone be part of a solution.


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