Attraction, Admiration and Love

Three very close yet very different words.

I won’t claim that I have the answer to what they mean/should mean, how this meaning whatever it maybe translates into actions/feelings/emotional expression. But I still would explain what I think they mean to me.

I started with it because it is like the easiest, the fastest to happen and depending on circumstance it could be the fastest to fade away. I would see a person and my jaw would drop. It has got nothing to do with what race they are, what job they do what clothes they wear. Or it maybe has something to do with a combination of all these things put together, but then there is no logic or analysis for it at the time it happens. Cause it just happens.

This one is a bit more logical. Someone’s attitude, sense of fashion, cleanliness, work style, food habits, sports habits, spirit of service and volunteerism or even their perfume. It is when you wish you are closer to the person or you work together or you want to be friends with many of that kind of friends.

And who am I to even attempt. But here I am with my huge ego allowing myself to do so. I will start by saying that sometimes I admire the person I love, other times or the same times I am attracted to the person I love. but then the most interesting times are when attraction is not into play and I am not admiring what they did or what they’re about and still have this strong something inside of me for them. That allows me to forgive when I am upset and even hug them and feel the flow of emotions overcoming the stream of anger that it vanishes.


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