should i blog?

But I suck at grammar and I don’t punctuate and on top of that I may not make sense at all. I have too many thoughts to keep to myself and I did try to blog in the past (check out my archive) but I found it hard to keep it going. Then i decided to have a video log and and i started with a few videos (check out my YouTube channel at ) and then i stopped again (can you see i lack the discipline to carry out what i started? Well keep it to yourself and don’t publicize) i made excuses such as i don’t have a good video editing software or not enough people subscribe to my channel, and then ther is of course the evergreen excuse of “there is no time” and then when it has been too long already, the nagging voice in my head stopped telling me that i have to get back to it.

So why now and why the same question again? I guess I never really got over my desire to express myself. I got a message from windows live saying that all live spaces will be moved to WordPress, so I went ahead and started my blog just for the sake of keeping my current blogs. And recently I got my new windows phone 7 that provides an amazing internet explorer experience with a nice large screen. So with all that in mind and the fact that I easily spend over an hour in public transportatio, I am contemplating going back to blogging and sharing whatever nonsense comes to mind.


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