customer service here we go again

Those of you who know me or read or watched my blogs or videos will realize that customer service is one of the things that really tick me off and I happily give myself permission to forego kindness and go off at my sever. And you’d probably know that I take no shame in publicly shaming a company, a service provider or a restaurant for their bad service. I even make major purchase decisions based on customer service experience (I think this one is okay though)

This blog is for a change not another one of those angry announcements that another service provider sucked bad in meeting my expectation. Rather I am announcing a different approach, I will be calm, I’ll explain my expectations, I will clearly acknowledge good service and praise the service provider (I try often to do that cause there lots of good customer service out there)  and I will kindly explain how my expectations were not and request a correction. I will still share unpleasant customer experiences but won’t publicly shame the service provider. It is an attempt so lets see.


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