Garmin did well

I was travelling and as I do I got my GPS with me except this time I didn’t check what maps are loaded on the device before I took off. to my surprise I arrived in Melbourne Australia to find out that the only map I have loaded on the device is the Sydney one. and I was in Melbourne at the time then after stopping in Sydney and Auckland, New Zealand afterwards.

I have been to Melbourne enough times to know my way to the hotel without maps BUT not enough to get around and find other addresses so I did need the maps. WHAT TO DO? Call Garmin Customer Support.

Basically the issue was that I don’t even have mapsource (a software I need to load the maps on my device) on my PC even though I purchased the maps and own a life time update based on my last purchase. so when I called customer service almost everyone I spoke to told me “I don’t think I can help you if you don’t have mapsource” which I found unacceptable (you know I would). BUT then after transferring from one agent to another and keeping my cool as I promised to do with customer service I ended up with An AWESOME customer service agent. He basically wouldn’t give up. he kept trying this and trying that and took control over my PC through remote assistance to trick the system into believing I have the right software and a certain version of the map to allow me to download the recent maps which I rightfully own.

Thanks to that Agent I am happy with the outcome of my call with Garmin.


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