Gulf air didn’t meet my expectations

I understand that any service industry is a tough one. People don’t praise you when you do things right but if things go wrong they get mad. Or at least I do. Think about it, you don’t send an email to your airline saying “thank you for taking off on time and landing at the expected location as per schedule” it is a basic expectation that this would happen. BUT if your flight was delayed a couple of hours or detoured and landed in a different airport you’d be pretty upset.

Gulf air: the short version of the story is that I bought a ticket online using my credit card for my mom. A day later the ticket was cancelled and I was refunded part of the cost because the system suspected fraud. I can probably understand why the system made such a mistake. I was in New Zealand using a Singapore Credit card to buy a ticket for a passenger travelling from U.A.E. to Egypt and of course the traveling party and the credit card owner are not the same person. System error and I understand why it happened BUT…. FIX IT!!!

The fact that I understand why the issue happened doesn’t change how pissed off I was. I was refunded only part of the fund not all of it, my mother doesn’t have a seat on a plane to Egypt and no one even bothered calling me or informing my mother. I only discovered it by accident as I looked at my credit card statement and saw the refund and called them to inquire.

So I look for the number and call
Customer service: we can’t help you because we are “phone reservation” you need to speak to web reservation.
Me: alright what is their number?
Customer Service: they don’t have a number you have to email them.
Me: more pissed yet I took the email and did send them my credit card details my ID to confirm that I am the owner and that this was a genuine transaction. A day later…. NO NEWS

I called again and I was angry beyond patience asking for the supervisor in charge and after a bit of blowing steam at the poor girl who answered the phone (she happened to be the fifth person I spoke to) she eventually transferred my call to web support…. WAIT so they do have a phone line.

The immediate answer I got from web support was along the line of “we refunded you the money”, “you need to purchase a new ticket” etc. I went even madder. For one the money wasn’t refunded in full, also the prices now are more expensive than the time I bought the ticket. And more importantly why do I even have to do all that it is their fault they screwed up I want my mom’s ticket back, simple as that.

So after clearly explaining to the agent on the phone that whatever he is telling me is UNACCEPTABLE!! That I already had a ticket and it is Gulf air’s system that is messed up and made a mistake, and that I won’t accept anything less than a seat on the same plane same dates with the same exact rate. He mentioned that he will “try his best” and will call me back.

Long story short, 5 hours later and 3 more long international phone calls plus of course a lot of yelling on my side a ticket was book for my mom with almost the same price and mom has to travel a day later than planned.

Can you see why they didn’t meet my expectations? And it is probably why I will think twice but three times before I book any tickets with gulf air.


One thought on “Gulf air didn’t meet my expectations

  1. Hi
    I feel you brother.
    That sounds pretty bad. You should find an airline complaints commission and report them. I had a customer service problem with a UK credit card company (Barclaycard) and spent HOURS on the phone with customer service and in the end had to write to the UK financial services ombudsmen. THAT got their attention, and £50 compensation and an apology. I couldnt get my wasted time back on the phone, but hopefully it wont happen again and they gave me a direct line to someone who hopefully can DO something if there is a problem next time.


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