Christmas, Christmas, Christmas… I don’t celebrate it. And Christ wasn’t born in December anyway.

Here we go. It is Christmas everywhere, which never used to bother me actually but today it did.
Let me first talk about the things I like. The jingles are fun the tunes are catchy and I enjoy singing along even. I actually am somehow Christmas music junky. Hmmm is that it? Oh no wait I also like some Christmas movies like home alone and home alone 2 and home alone three. I guess that’s about it.

Alright on the flipside, Christ wasn’t born in December anyway. But let’s hypothetically say He was and it is actually a religious holiday, where did the tree come from? And how did it get associated with Christ’s birth anyway? No idea someone who knows history please share some insight. Oh and the snow? Where Jesus was born it doesn’t snow in December. (That if He was born in December to begin with. In fact some sources suggest he was born in August which is one of the hottest months in that part of the world).
All that aside what’s with the Christmas gifts thingy? It is like all of a sudden the world agreed (Christians and Non-Christians included) to exchange gifts and turn the whole HOLY DAY into a commercial HOLIDAY buy this buy that, Wrap this card that, cake this cookie that.

Well that’s been that case for a while, but what’s new today? This colleague today asked me about Christmas gifts and how come I am not giving our colleagues Christmas gifts. I clearly answered, I don’t celebrate Christmas, I don’t expect gifts and don’t give them either. But then I was given this lecture about that it is a time of giving and celebration it is not important if you celebrate but you should give something to these colleagues who helped you throughout the year…. So I only chose silence as a response.

While I agree with the giving and acknowledging someone’s hard work. I refused to associate it with Christmas and will not conform to the commercialization of such time of the year.

That said, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.


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