Friends? or facebook friends?

I am a Facebook addict. What a surprise?! I do spend a significant amount of time on it, updating status, commenting on friends’ statuses and pictures posting pictures etc. about a year ago. Something happened and I felt a bit exposed so I started cleaning up my Facebook profile and deleted all my posts. It was a huge project and took me weeks until I finally reached the first post I ever made on Facebook. the thing is the addiction didn’t go away, I still use the social network for quite a number of hours every day BUT I would update a status or post a link an leave it for a few days for friends to see and comment on it, I respond to comments and then DELETE IT.

Anyway, as I started that cleaning exercise I also started looking through my friends list. I had like almost 600 of them and as I went through the list I found a fair number of contacts that I don’t quite remember why we know each other or how we met. We have mutual friends alright and we probably exchanged a message or two but hmm that was it. And I don’t even remember what these messages are. SO i started deleting these friends too AS THEY ARE JUST FACEBOOK FRIENDS not really my friends.

Then something funny happened. I still go from time to time and check on my friends list and see if there is further clean up require because it is a long list as I mentioned. And as I do that I come across names that once where close friends and it is very hard for me to remember when the last time we talked was or when was the last time they commented on a status or sent a message.

If Facebook didn’t exist I probably wouldn’t even think about such things cause that person would just probably be forgotten over time or if I bothered and cared enough I may send them an email to check in and see how they reply if at all. but now that I have a Facebook I ask myself this “if we didn’t talk for over a year and the last time we had a conversation it was an empty one do I really want to keep you on my friends list? Cause you really are a FACEBOOK FRIEND rather than My Friend.

I haven’t made up my mind though I am leaning towards deleting those individuals from my friends list. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Friends? or facebook friends?

  1. Even though some of your friends are only facebook friends but when you communicate with them often on facebook,you can slowly build a mutual bond with them,i think that you should not delete any of your facebook friends as it is not a very nice thing to do,it is a form of rejection.


    1. THanks for your comment Sabrina, I did however a round of cleaning and deleted some friends that i don’t talk to anymore. I appreciate your comment though:)


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