Malaysian immigration officer with an attitude problem.

Yes yes I’m complaining again. Ask my wife how angry I was after the incident and you’ll realize that the title doesn’t in any way express that anger. Actually the original title I had was something along the lines of ***-**** but I decided not to use that.

So a few things about this blog post: I’ll only mention facts and will explain the situation as it happen exactly. The only things I’ll add that may not be facts but rather a point of view is a) the title b) that the officer looked and acted like someone of higher authority pissed him off and he had to take it off on someone else to compensate and feel less inferior.

Here are the facts

It is 5:am on a Friday

My wife, her parents, my son and I are crossing the boarders of Singapore/Malaysia in my father in-law’s car.

My passport is running out of pages and I’m a big time traveler.

I’m concerned about my ability to renew my passport once I run out of pages completely ( a story for a different post)

Here is the scenario:
Me: excuse me, please don’t stamp a new page.
Officer: you want to enter Malaysia or not?
Me shocked by the question: yes I do but I just need you to stamp an already used page cause I’m running out of pages.
Officer put the passport back on the counter without stamping it: then you stamp yourself.
Me: speechless
My father in-law in Malay said something that sounded like: he is running out of pages so he needs you to chop a used page instead of a new one.
Officer takes the passport and stamps it and give it back.

And that’s all I’m going to share about this incident.


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