Smokers Smokers stay away

They are everywhere. near the train station, on the side walk, standing next to me at the road crossing, smoking underneath my bedroom window, and right next door to my main door.

It is probably clear by now I don’t smoke and I don’t quite like smokers, or to be more precise I don’t quite like to be near a smoker when they are having a smoke or just finished a cigarette and they smell of it.

Why is this blog? I wanted to share something and put it out there mostly for local readers in Singapore. And then alongside it will be a chance to share frustrations with some common actions some smokers do.

Singapore is one of those countries with strict laws around smoking. A few years ago they banned smoking in all buildings and I think within a certain distance from each building which was great but there is a catch. because smoking wasn’t allowed in the building (including train stations, malls, office buildings etc.) all the smokers would go down and out of the building for a “breather” but then anyone who is going in and out of the building had to pass by our “friends” who are socializing with the cigarettes in their hands just around the corner from the building doors or the train station entrance. Also in many cases an ash tray was placed right outside the mall or the train station or near the bus station. My guess is they are there so that people can put out their smokes before they got into the mall/ into the train station or on the bus BUT instead these massive ash trays turned into a smoker’s corner and every time in and out of the mall people smell it. If you are a person of authority or know someone who knows someone please give this feedback and do something about it.

Things that irritate me about smokers
1- Finishing a smoke and throwing a cigarette immediately before they get into the lift and fill the lift with their smoky breath.
2- Smoking on a road crossing or a pedestrian bridge with lots of other people behind them suffering from the smoke.
3- Throwing a cigarette but into an ashtray (or even worse on the floor) without confirming that the fire is out and it keeps “scenting” the place around it.
4- Smoking right next to a “no smoking sign”
5- this list could go on but the thing that irritates me the most is if one points out that the smoke is bothering them the smoker bluntly declares that it is his right to smoke (it is open air and there is no “no smoking” sign)


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