I see beauty in Everything…. Do I?

Someone once said I do, 11 years ago. I remember clearly how that conversation went because she wasn’t actually saying it as a compliment. I guess she was overwhelmed by it hehehe. But that was 11 years ago. What happened between then and now?

As I started getting back to blogging I was anxious to see the reaction of my friends who read my blog. Depending on the topic those who are interested would read it and comment. But then a few individuals over the last week who read just a number of my blogs in one go made me face the ugly truth. My blogs are basically rants and complaints. (Not the same exact words my friends used but close enough)

Of course when I heard that I grew a bit defensive and tried to justify but really the reason I reacted that way is because I know they are right but I also know that is not how I wanted to be perceived.

After letting go of the defensive me and having a chance to reflect I got to wonder. What happened to that overwhelmingly positive person I used to be. I guess to some degree I am still very positive but GOSH do I complain… it is way too easy to be critical of the world and what lies therein cause it takes the focus and attention from being self-critical and in the process of doing so I forget about the beauty around me and end up attracting all the more complain worthy experiences.

So I am going to try. I will make effort to look for positive around me and then make more effort to actually express it and talk about it in my blog and see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “I see beauty in Everything…. Do I?

  1. When something inspires you – a film, a person, a piece of music or art or a book, then you will surely find nice things to say. Anyway those of us who know you realise that you only write about those other things because you have a sense of Justice and that is always worth drawing people’s attention to! Writers usually write about things they care about – so find something everyday that makes part of you glow inside and you will soon have some positive subject matter!


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