Day Two in Aotearoa

Hello again, I am still writing cause I have so much to say about my first week. And you can read day one for back ground.

So we were up and buzzing until 2 or 3 am because of the jet lag and finally managed to put my son to sleep which means we could sleep as well, I woke up at 10 am or so. Anyway there were three items on the to-do list (not originally for day to but they had to be carried over) meet with HR and start settling in, get my phone number, get our bank account activated. And I have some background to share about each before say what happened on the day.

Meeting with HR: So the interesting thing about this is that I have been communicating with HR over the past two months or more (naturally so because the relocation took that looking to be worked out) there is quite a number of things that were supposed to be done and ready for me on my arrival such as (A SIM card for my cell phone, my corporate credit card, a desk phone, and a work station) and I will talk about these in no specific order.

              First let’s talk about a corporate card: which a credit card that issued to me by virtue of working for my company, I am supposed to used that to charge all business related expenses and then claim for reimbursement. I received the forms for my corporate card weeks before I moved to NZ. So long story short the pleasant HR lady and I are talking and I am the one chasing after details and when I asked about when will my corporate card be ready she said “it takes 3 weeks to process, but I need to you send me your passport photo copy” ….. WOMAN!! We’ve been talking about that for weeks why didn’t you just ask for the photo copy earlier. Of course I didn’t say that. I actually had a smile on my face and said SURE emailing it to you now. GRRRRR.

             SIM Card: so I am relocating my whole family to a new country the logical assumption is I don’t have a cell phone on me, also I will be running around for the first few weeks trying to set up bank accounts, buy a car, start house hunting etc. so other than the fact that each of these items require a phone number there is also the fact that I need to be able to access my work email and be contactable to my team while I am not in the office. So anyway the HR lady says go talk to ******* she looks after phones for employees she is from Jones Lang LaSalle sitting in our office. So I go to the woman (that one is also a very “pleasant” lady) and she says yeah we can got your phone ready (you mean it isn’t yet) and she gives me a post it note asking me to write my name so that she gets how I spell my name (like seriously? WOMAN YOU HAVE MY DETAILS FROM HR, THE SYSTEM HAS MY NAME SPELLING ARE YOU DUMB) sorry guys but it is hard to keep cool with that. Anyway again with a smile on my face I wrote down my name, and you know what’s funny? She got it wrong!! And totally butchered my last name (well I take the blame for the poor handwriting) but really I have been on company record for the past 20 days I have requested my SIM Card since the day I officially joined and the lovely lady in HR HAS All my details!! GRRRRRR 2

             Desk phone: don’t get me started, the short story is I don’t have one. GRRRRRR 3

             Work station: that one is also another story for another day but for day two I was told to pretty much sit anywhere I like (HUH, what does that even mean, I am new to the office, I don’t know where seats are empty or assigned, and which are free.) anyway I sat in a temporary place till further notice on Day 8.

So getting a phone was covered in meeting with HR so you know what happened but the good thing is I finally have a phone.

              Activating my bank account: so that is another item on the list that I wanted to make sure is in place before I arrive and I gotta share that despite an initial hiccup with the first banker I talked to the follow-up was great and the new banker that looked after our account spend easily 2 hours sharing with us different aspects about banking with them and using their services plus information on NZ in general, despite the information download it was a really pleasant experience and a useful set of information.

 More whining to come, stay tuned.


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