Making life happen or having life happen to you.

Background: If you read my latest two blogs (Day one and Day two in Aotearoa) you would have heard me complain about endless things that kept going “wrong” by my definition on my first two days in New Zealand, and actually I had material to continue writing for a week worth of one negative experience after the other… my latest blog (day two) was signed “more whining to come, stay tuned” I just didn’t have the time to type them up soon enough until a very good friend of mine commented on one of my blogs reminding me of attracting positive energy (not in the exact words) but his words served as a reminder.

This blog: the original name for this blog was “bring it on Kiwis… No more whining” and I was meant to write this on the first day of week 2 but again I didn’t have the time. If I had written this blog on that date it would have been more of a spoken out loud promise to myself to stop complaining and start getting on with a positive attitude. I didn’t get to make that promise publicly but I still made it to myself and started with that attitude.

Pause: Follow up: so just to bring closure on my previous two blogs, by the end of my first week I was furious with HR and hated the facility woman enough to ruin my weekend… it was bad and then that’s when I decided to turn things around (mostly thanks to my friend’s reminder). So on Monday of week two I took the facility lady for coffee and we cleared the air and she explained her point of view and explained mine and the outcome is we don’t hate each other again. I also scheduled a meeting with the HR director later in the week to discuss my landing experience in NZ with enough detachment that I could laugh about it as I shared the experience yet she was apologetic for me having to go through such a not very welcoming experience and promised to do something about it.

Back to this blog: so well I always had some kind of a philosophy that we are in control of our lives, or at least enough aspects of our lives to make it a good one or a miserable one. We are not victim of circumstances unless we choose to be victims. There are heroes that chose a different destiny after natural/economical disasters and there are victims that live a miserable life despite “having it all” and I didn’t even have to go through any kind of disaster.

Being in control: and I use the term very loosely because I realize that I am a very insignificant being in this vast world and there is no way I am “in control” but yes there are things that life will throw at me and there are things that I am in total control of. At the very least I am in total control of how I react to the things that life throws at me. I am in total control of the choices I make in my life, I may not be in control of the consequences but I can be (if I CHOOSE so) in total control of how I react to these consequences and they become what I make out of them.

Yet in mentioning so I want to avoid being so full of myself (hard to do if you have my ego) but gotta try. God’s blessings are showering on all of us, and in being in control I mostly mean allowing these blessings to flow through me and not hinder them through my negative attitude. The sun shed’s its light everywhere but some of us choose to hide behind walls then complain that we are not getting enough sun, so being in control for me is just getting out from behind the wall and let the rays of the sun, the showers of God’s blessing flow over me. The negative attitude or the lack of submission can be that wall.

Not sure if this entry makes any sense and I am pretty sure it is not organized enough but then again, they are just my random thoughts that I want to share.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I will have something more interesting next time


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