If only… I should’ve… NOW WHAT?!

the story goes that I give people quite a hard time when they say “if only” I keep taking about being proactive and taking matters in your own hands and you are not a victim of circumstances blah blah. and here I am.

the other story goes that I decided to correct my teeth and went to my first orthodontist appointment in November 2006, the process seemed quite easy when the Orthdonitst (hereafter referred to as Dr. SG) explained it to me, top and lower braces it will take about 18 months give or take cause it depends on how my teeth move and how disciplined I am etc.

about a year into the treatment and I started to have doubts about the way Dr. SG was proceeding with it. the logic she explained didn’t make sence to me but I really didn’t think I know enough to question her logic so I said: she is the “expert” let her do it. even though I really didn’t think she knew what she was doing.

So almost two and a half years later and we are still working on it, then I was getting married and certainly didn’t want my wedding pictures with metal brackets, wires and rubber bands covering my smile. Decision? remove it all then put them again after the wedding. the plan was that once I am “ready” after the wedding I can put the lower braces back on and continue the treatment cause the top teeth were perfect.

a few months after the wedding I decided to continue the treatment, with Dr. SG and the funny thing is she stopped charging me. ( had already paid close to 6k dollars in treatment) luckily a big chunk of that was covered by work but well the treatment is not over so i expected to still be paying BUT she stopped charging me which in a way made me think she knows that she’s gone wrong with the treatment and she doesn’t feel it is ethical to continue charging me.

Then more than a year later we are stuck at another cross-road that would require either removing a tooth (which is what i thought she should be doing long time ago) or wear the upper braces again. My decision was REMOVE THE TOOTH and get it over. thinking that is faster and she confirmed but, but why am I using her confirmation as a deciding factor if i didn’t trust her? beats me. I was thinking she started it, she knows the history, and let her finish what she started.

few short month later a decision is made to move and leave Singapore and go to NZ. So I had to see another orthodnotist (hereafter referred to as DR. NZ) and just by the way DR.NZ examined me for the first time I knew the difference and shortly after DR.NZ confirmed that DR.SG didn’t know what she was doing. actually DR.NZ was very nice about it in her choice of words, she basically said “I don’t understand her logic, why did she do this?” and I attempted to explain a logic that I myself didn’t believe in so there you have it.

conclusion: I may have to start over, new records, Molds, X-rays, and who knows maybe new braces on both upper and lower teeth with a different direction of treatment. DR.NZ is preparing the treatment letter explaining what my options are and the time and money it may require. a horrifying amount no doubt and that is not covered by any kind of insurance or medical perks. YIKES.

I went home that day so angry at myself. I am a big advocate for people doing something about their lives and not blame it on circumstances or point fingers at whatever, and here I am spent almost five years the majority of which i wsa thinking to myself that I have a terrible DR.SG and I didn’t think she knew what she was doing YET i just let it be, and I didn’t do anything about it. I am no victim to anyone/anything but ME and my doing, I had options, I could have taken action but I didn’t. I am paying the price now.

Lesson learned, I will remind myself of this lesson every time I feel like I am not living up to my word and  not taking the right action when it is the time to do so. and MORE IMPORTANTLY I will think twice before I judge someone for not taking actions, I will still encourage them to do so but I will be sure not to project myself as someone who does take control of his life all the time and will admit my mistakes. I could use it as an example.

you however are free to judge me but do so gently, feel free to leave a comment.


4 thoughts on “If only… I should’ve… NOW WHAT?!

  1. Everything seems so clear in hindsight but in the fog of the present we just have to trust that what we are doing is for the best. It’s good that you found out finally and can take steps to doing it properly. Look into getting into a health plan – even if you have to be paying into it for a year before you start treatment (that’s what we did for Tomos and Teleri). Ask Dr NZ for advice as she will no doubt know what is available.


    1. Everything seems so clearn in hindsight!! exactly right Lynette, I may borrow this phrase in a future blog. Yes it is only now and tomorrow that I have control over and I better aply what I learned in the past as I go about today and tomorrow.

      Thanks for the tip on the health plan I will check with DR. NZ during my next visit.


  2. I liked your story Hamada and I’m sorry for you but you know we all always judge the others and see their mistakes and make fun of them.
    We have to remember ways that we r not God , we should only judge our actions and leave the others to God , and that sometimes when u have a strong feeling just go with yr feeling and you’ll be right , this feelings is just a sign from GOD too.
    Regards to MIng& ZIzooo


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