He’s just another person

I am going to start by sharing that I have the tendency to sound like “I think” I know it all. I have to tell you I KNOW I Don’t know it all I just have a point of view 🙂

Some of you may know that I have huge interest in children and their development, I also have a number of theories (and sometimes ideals) around what and how should be done rasing a child.  My son is almost 19 months old, and I am trying to take advantage of the time I spend with him to learn something. I have to say that many of my theories have been tested, and some didn’t stand the test and had to crash to pieces when reality hit.

maybe at this point it is worth mentioning that I almost named this blog “Parenting requires good interpersonal skills” and it is mostly inspired by the interaction I have been having with my son lately. he is growing into his own person, he has an opinion, he has liking and disliking, needs and wants. and the list could go on. HE IS JUST ANOTHER PERSON.

Of course he isn’t always just another person, he is MY SON, which simply means I AM his father, and I want him to do certain things in a certain way and it somehow very easily becomes about ME. I probably want him to do things that are good for him (or at least that is what I believe) I want him to eat well, I want him to use manners, I want him to be potty trained, I want him to bathe, I want him to sleep at certain hours, etc.

on several occasion I started noticing how “I” can get in the way of parenting, and that so many times I need to let go of this and treat him as a person, respect him as much as I would any other person where an interaction takes place. Of course there are certain things he has to learn, obedience to his parents is high up on the list, and I realize (so far) that I get a lot more positive response and a more obedient child when I respect the person he is and improve my interpersonal skills in my interactions with him.

I will leave the blog mostly generic but I will mention just one other thing. as part of parenting requiring good interpersonal skill, Good interpersonal skills require good communication skills. and we communicate with our words, tone of voice, body language, actions etc. and it is very important to be aware of what I communicate. and ensure that whatever I am communicating is what I really want him to hear or see so we can both achieve the results we want.

Thanks for Reading and Happy New Year to you. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think 🙂


8 thoughts on “He’s just another person

  1. Parenting can be the toughest job you will ever have. Kids present new challenges continuously because they keep growing and changing, and the issues grow and change with them.

    As parents our most important job is to make sure our kids feel loved and valuable for who they are (not what they do). It is my biggest struggle, and my biggest joy all at once!


    1. Thanks for your comment, and yes it is a hard job. I do believe though that we have a more important job than just to love our children, I believe that we love them any way and that love is what would help us do the most important job, which in my view is to provide a condusive environment and to nurtcher this sapling to grow into a fruitful tree realizing of course that we can’t choose what fruites they will bring forth.


  2. Very interesting. Hold this thought until I have one of my own to discuss it with you. (agreed that it might be a while though! Hehe.). Happy chinese new year to you and family!!


  3. Nice reflective post love. Yes there is a lot of being aware of what we do or say to him as that will shape his thoughts. We r also learning as we share this journey with him. 🙂


  4. Each child is unique and comes with an inbuilt personality – well you have already figured that out! What we do as parents is guide, advise, provide a role model, set boundaries, etc. so that the child grows up with a sense of what is right for him and for others. Use the language of the virtues to bring out those gems of inestimable value! Call him to a virtue when he is testing his (and your!) limits, companion him when he is facing a challenge and help him to figure out a way to overcome it – those teachable moments will teach you as well as him! and through it all express your love for him by telling him in words and actions. Hamada, I am sure you are a great Dad because your heart is always in the right place 🙂


    1. Thanks Lynette for the tips and the generous comment. you are one person i miss bouncing ideas with, i am glad that we can still do this here better than nothing at all 🙂


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