Training for a race – starting from below zero

It sounds crazy in my ears but yeah I decided to run a race.

A little bit of background about me in the area of exercise: I did a bit of training in my teen years and I was quite good at it from a technique point of view. But there was always an element that I hated about my training sessions, RUNNING!! I really never enjoyed it. I ran out of breath so quickly and everybody else was better than me.

Another bit of back ground but a more recent one. I have become really unfit. I eat a fair bit of junk I don’t exercise at all, I pant from climbing a few steps or a short hill.

So the story goes that there is a charity race by an organization called cure kids, the race is aiming at raising fund to provide medication for children. My company is participating in the race and one day I got an email saying “who’s in” type of thing. As you can see where this is going I signed up. The thoughts in my head where “it is for a good cause”, “I will force myself into shape”, “I will train for it”

So as the year started I called a personal trainer up to explain how my level of fitness is and what my goal is. Well an overall goal really is to get back into share and increase my fitness level. But then there is now this short term goal to train for a race and be able to perform it by April.

The trainer was great and very encouraging, we had a consultation session, and then she put together a training program. Five days a week, one of which will be a session with her. One of the questions we had during the consultation was around any injuries or pain I might have. I did have some knee pain in the past and it comes and goes from time to time. And she insisted I go check it. I went to a physiotherapist and he gave me a rehab program to follow with a number of exercises to enhance my alignment to avoid future issues with my knees. AND he said I shouldn’t be doing any running or jumping for the next 4 weeks.

A week after these conversations was the first training session organized by the company for the group participating in the race. THEY ARE ALL BETTER THAN ME. We had to do a run around the Auckland domain that took 20 minutes, I was power walking while everybody else was jogging, I was running out of breath trying to catch up with them. It didn’t feel that great. I don’t want to be holding a team back.

So why am I boring you with all these details? Because after a day or two of disappointment and losing hope in my ability to go through with the race, I decided to just do my best and prepare as much as possible so I can participate. If at some point I am still not fit enough to do it I will say so and withdraw but for now I will do my best to be prepared for it.

So I am putting it out there, sharing with everyone (at least those who read my blog) that I am doing this to keep myself accountable. Also I will be blogging from time to time on the progress of my training and how things go while I take this journey.

Wish me luck and be on the lookout for more updates on this.




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