Cure Kids Race – will I get there

for back ground take a look at my previous blog training for a race…

typing this while as I am still feeling the pain of the latest training session. first I will start by admitting that I didn’t do a lot of what I was supposed to do for the past ten days. my regular sessions went straight out of the window and I didn’t  follow. I had a very unorganized week no thanks to anyone but me.

So the most recent training session with mates at work was on Wednesday in resort about an hour away from Auckland (or less depending on traffic) and it was mountain biking. I was thinking it shouldn’t be too tough cause I like biking and it is heaps easier than running. so well I hired a bike got a helmet and joined the team.   In no time I realized that biking and mounting biking aren’t quite the same thing! I started huffing and puffing in just about 10 minutes into the thing, then an hour later I was aching in parts of my body I didn’t know could hurt from biking. I went for 2 hours and there is no need to tell you what a torture it was and how many times I had to stop out of breath or had to be saved by a colleague with energy pouch etc.

the more I biked that day, the more I was thinking (MAN I CAN”T DO THIS) I wasn’t disappointed in myself cause I knew my level of fitness isn’t great at all I just didn’t know it would be that hard to get in shape. I kept telling myself that I will tell everyone that I probably won’t be able to do this race this time round and that I will continue to train for next year’s race.

after the two hours, everyone was so encouraging and supportive. they were all, good on you, this is your first time, you can do it. they were all so sure that I can build up to the race. so well I am back to thinking I should get back on track, make up for the lost sessions and have discipline. the committment to myself is to keep doing at least 5 sessions of training a week. the committment to the team is to put the effort into building up my fitness level so that I can do this BUT as we get closer to the day and when we have to formulate the teams I will do the right thing by the team if my level doesn’t allow me to finish the race I will gracefully participate as a supporter rather than a contestant.

Thanks for reading and I will provide another update soon.


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