Cure Kids Race – My lungs are not used to work that hard

I will jump right into it as this is meant to be a quick one. My colleagues who are participating in the Cure Kids Race started getting on regular training sessions, the first of which was today. It was a run around Cornwall Park at 6:30 am for about an hour. One of the pictures below is a map of the park and the track we ran. it was all around the outer track of the park and at some point in the middle a run up the hill and a climb to the summit, then running around the summit, then back town to finish the full circle. You can see the black track this is what I managed to do. The red part which is the run around the summit, I skipped. I took a break waiting for everyone.

It was again tough, the hardest part wasn’t the running itself. I am pretty sure my legs will hurt later but that’s not why it was tough. It was mainly my lungs, I am not used to breathing this fast. My lungs started to express some resentment to working so hard at short notice. I don’t know if it is just a matter of keeping at it and running every day to build up that stamina but well I will keep at it anyway. Next run is on Saturday. I might give an update then.

The other picture is meant to show the summit we climbed and how far ahead my colleagues were.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment encouraging me but above all thanks to my lovely wife, who’s so supportive on many levels. she encourages me to keep going and of course she takes on a lot more being with my son while I am out working out or dead asleep from a tough training session.


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