Cure Kids – I miss you Nancy

Nancy Bowers was this wonderful human being who lived up until a few years ago. She was a dear friend to me and will always have a special place in my heart. Nancy lived in Colorado Springs for the most part of her life. I visited her couple of times before she moved in with her son for the last days of her life as a result of cancer. Just a short drive from her home where these amazing hiking trails that we would visit every morning after breakfast for a short hike and a long chat just before we head to lunch. My first time ever to hike was in Colorado Springs in her awesome company. In the middle of the hike we would sit on a bench or a rock, grab a drink and a bite of fruit while gazing at the horizon and chatting about anything and everything. I MISS YOU NANCY. It is probably worth mentioning that Nancy is slightly older than my mom and I met her when she was visiting her son David who is also a friend of mine and we lived in the same country for a year or so. Nancy and I became good friends ever since till she passed away a couple of years ago.

Back to Cure Kids race, the most recent training session was in Okura Scenic Reserve, which is a wonderful bush by the Okura River in north Auckland and it has a hiking/running trail. The plan was a 2 hour run (that took 3 hours thanks to me) there was probably a 100 meter of straight path the rest was uphill, downhill and windy path between trees. I thought I was doing alright for the beginning part of the run and then there is of course the “my lungs aren’t used to breath this fast” blah, but really over time it was just pain! My muscles ached so badly in my legs, my abs and my back. I was sore half way through it. I started walking, I was behind everyone (what’s new) but then when I have rested and caught my breath I try to run again but my legs would hurt so badly. My technique was to run as fast as possible when it is downhill then rest and power walk when climbing up, which wasn’t a good idea as the fast runs wear me out so fast while I should have kept a steady pace.

In my moments alone on the trail given how far behind everyone I was, I got to think of Nancy and our hikes together and I missed her a lot. She was on my mind the whole time. I also have to say that I spend longer periods of slower pace than I would have if I had company, and it was very easy for me at these moments to blame everyone else for being too fast and not keeping pace with the slow guy behind (remember what I said about how encouraging my colleagues were in my earlier blogs, these thoughts are in no way reflection on them but rather me) cause it is always easier to look outside and blame others than be accountable, which is the counter thought that came to my head right after that.

I am so sore after this run and I am still not sure I can do the race, but I will continue to exercise and will continue to work towards getting fitter with the aim to participate in the race. Will keep you posted.


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