Cure Kids – Team or no team

If you are following my blogs you would already know the back ground to this post through my earlier ones. For those of you reading this for the first time I will give a brief version. I did sign up to participate in the cure kids’ adventure race, the race is aiming at raising NZD10k per team to help provide medication to sick kids. Each team has to be 4 members and the race takes 6 to 10 hours to complete. Check for more details.

So it has been almost 10 days since I wrote my last post. The colleagues participating in the race meet twice a week for a run, Tuesday for an hour early in the morning and Saturday is normally a place faraway from town longer run in conditions close to what the race would be like. and because that is the hardest day of the week it is when I get inspired to share or write BUT last week I was told it is not a good idea to participate in the practice (easy, there is a logical explanation) so we are all at different pace (I am the slowest by far) but we still have people who are faster than others. And last Saturday it was mostly the fast people going and the relatively slower ones (who are still faster than me) couldn’t make it. So it wasn’t fair to them nor to me to go train together, I won’t be able to keep up and they won’t be able to keep waiting for me every time I am behind. So I didn’t join. I did my workout.

At this point it is worth sharing that the teams have been decided yesterday. There is of course one team that has the fittest members who would have a comparable pace, and to my pleasant surprise my name was listed in the second team.   Today we went for another run in Cornwall park and it was just two participants (one of them isn’t even doing the race but she is helping to train the teams and guide them) and I can tell you these two are REALLY FIT. So NEWS FLASH: guess who was behind hehehehe.

So while behind and alone I got to think and reflect. I am not in this to win the race, but I really want to do it. How about the other members? How do they feel? What is their motive to do it? And I got inspired to start some kind of a communication going and see how we all can work together as a team. I had high hopes and was quite excited about the steps I was about to take. THEN I got to the office only to find out that one of the team members had an injury last weekend and he won’t be able to train, another team member decided not to do it. … Team fell apart, dreams crushed.

So I still didn’t give up, I want to do this! So I sent an email to the only other member that is now on the team with me sharing with her that I am still committed to getting a team together and to get us all participating. I also went around asking for members who might be interested in participating. In doing so two things happened: 1) the guy that had pulled out earlier said that he would do it!! We have a training session together this Thursday to kick things started on his side because he hasn’t been to any of the training sessions yet. 2) One other guy expressed interest in participating and he will give me a final answer tomorrow

With that being said there are still no guarantees that we have a team as of this moment but maybe by tomorrow morning or later in the week we will. I will try to lead some kind of efforts in bringing the team together and will certainly put a LOT of effort into making sure I get fitter.

I think about what I blog before I do it and this blog looked so differently in my head over the last few days. A big part of this blog transpired today, and I feel that what I shared is more important than what I was planning to share.

I will write more in the next few days and share with you the progress.


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