Cure kids – Not any more :)

It has been over a month since my last blog, mainly because there were way too many sudden changes, we had no team, then someone joins and we have a team, then that someone turns out to be unfit for such race, so we stop again then finally we have a team that didn’t want to get together for some reason despite efforts to bring them together.

Anyway, the conclusion is Race is in 14 days, and though we technically have a team, we never trained together, despite contacting the team to ask them to do so and to start training. So I made a DECISION! I don’t want to do the race.

It was a bit of a rollercoaster, my company had a first team participating in the race and it was forming the second team that was a challenge, I didn’t see anyone that was excited about joining the team or enthusiastic about getting the team together and I got tired of being the only one seemingly trying to rally the team. I am not sure I was really the only one but I haven’t seen what others did and no one communicated any efforts towards the race. I mostly received unenthusiastic responses to my communications.

I know I was excited about doing the race, I know many of you were excited for me and kept encouraging me. So I am sorry to disappoint you all. But here I am getting a closure.

I felt great! I started exercising to prepare for the race but now that the race isn’t happening I haven’t stopped exercising. I am getting fitter and stronger and enjoying my workouts with my trainer, enjoying eating healthy and enjoying my Zumba classes (yes yes I do Zumba and I am the only guy in the class)

One thing I want to do now is to actually write an email to my “team” inform them of my decision. I don’t just want it to fall through and let it be. I want to actually communicate that it is over. And I might in my email leave links to my cure kids’ series of blog entries.

What’s next? I might join another event in the future if time allows but for time I will just be doing my regular trainings with the aim of keeping fit and healthy.

Thank Yous!!

The first and biggest Thank you goes to my wife. Ming is a great support; she worried for me and my ability to train without injuring myself. She also kept encouraging me all the way, checking with me on what food would work well with my training, giving me the time to train while she remained alone looking after our little one (note that she is pregnant with our second baby) gave me the time to rest to recover from intense training when I got home dead tired. SWEETHEART, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. THANK YOU

The Second Thank you goes to my trainer: Shar, she believed in me, she worked me really hard and though considerate to my level of fitness as she chooses my workout she has the ability of being a tough trainer. She was one that had to bear through the ups and downs of (doing the race, not doing the race, etc.) and she adjusted accordingly each time to accommodate my training needs. Even though I decided not to do the race, I am happy that she and I will continue to train together.

Other thank you goes to all of you who read my blogs, left comments below or on my Facebook wall encouraging me to keep going, providing tips and advices, and keeping an eye on my training. I want to specifically name Michelle Koay and Kevin Habibi. Thank you guys 🙂

I guess that is it for now. My next blog will be about something else 🙂 something probably totally random and unrelated to training. 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂


One thought on “Cure kids – Not any more :)

  1. Hamada, you are a champion! I knew that from our first consultation – I believed in you and you delivered to expectations at every session, never complaining about any new challenges, including pushing me up one tree hill. You are a determined and resilient soul, getting fitter by the day, and are indeed blessed to have the unconditional love & support of Ming. And I especially admire you for being a great example to your son who sees you train hard. I am super proud of you – race or no race – keep up the great work!



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