A Listening Ear was born

​Throughout my aware years I always enjoyed listening. at a young age I developed a huge interest for what people have to say, what they feel and how their thoughts and feelings shape their actions.

From early on, I was someone my friends came to with something to say, a story to tell, a feeling to share or an idea to explore. sometimes just the listening act opened up possibilities, other times we went on to analyse patterns, peel the truth one layer at a time and even draw a conclusion. The whole process was fun and stimulating, I enjoyed it and the person on the other end gained a new perspective.

Knowing how much I enjoyed this, I always wanted to offer my listening ear to others, outside my current network. the idea was always in my head but the way to implement that idea took a while to develop into a possibility. AND THEN, A Listening Ear was born.

I will be there reaching out to you by making myself visible and approachable to the best of my abilities, and I will wait for you to reach out, give me a call or send me an email to share something.

we could meet in person, talk on the phone or Skype. you’ll talk about anything you want to share and you’re guaranteed a listening ear.


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