Social “media” Experiment.

So I decided to take a break from Facebook. I am not permanently deleting my account but I will start by not using it frequently over the next couple of days and eventually stop accessing it (potentially deactivating it) and here is the theory that made me decide that.

Facebook for me as a viewer:

There is an overwhelming number of posts that is hard to keep up with when I have close to 600 contacts on my list. That being said, for some of you, I see what you posts and I might or might not comment. If I don’t comment, you really have no idea if I saw it or not, and if I did, you have no idea what was my reaction. In my head I did have a reaction to it, I may have empathised with a sad feeling, or smiled at a cute picture but you didn’t see that. So in my head there is some kind of an artificial connection with you that never actually happened in reality.

Facebook for me as a contributor:

So I post something and I get some comments, some of them are conversations starters and I reply back others are just a comment that stops there. And then there are the likes, I get some double digit likes (sometimes triple) on some of my posts, and the only thing that tells me is that you saw it, you might have liked it (which is why you clicked like) but then I don’t know what happened past that, I don’t know what you thought about it, we never had an interaction, it just feels like a celebrity post, it is very popular but with no real connection to the fans (relatively speaking)

So given the above, my thought is, the current use of Facebook is detrimental to relationships. As it is so easy to be distracted with the flow of posts and not make any effort to reach out. If you see my stuff you know what I am up to, but if you don’t, the likelihood is that you are busy with the 100s others who are posting on your timeline. I am guilty of the same.

So here is my social experiment. I have a blog that I have been distracted from and would like to spend a bit of time writing longer posts from time to time about topics I am interested in. feel free to check it out and comment on my posts with your thoughts and views.

I have a twitter account that I plan to continue using for short status updates that are mostly public.

I also have an instagram account that I will continue to use for posting pictures I find interesting.

And I will make an effort to email/phone friends and stay connected. It will be a good experiment to see which friends I will miss and proactively reach out to and which ones will miss me and proactively reach out to me.


2 thoughts on “Social “media” Experiment.

  1. Interesting experiment, I find twitter the one that is empty and annoying, while FB for me provides links to friends and ways to keep up to date with many ideas as well as people. I am thinking of starting a closed group for women who are Baha’is to talk about what inspires them and how they work on their virtues each day – or not as we all wax and wane. I look forward to reading more in your blog. Be back in NZ 22nd, love Margaret


    1. Margaret, you are totally right about twitter, I am not planning to use it to connect. I am planning to reach out to people to connect, give them a call, or email them.


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