Social Experiment phase 2

Over 20 days ago I announced that I would like to reduce my use of Facebook (and potentially stop using it altogether) I wrote Social “media” Experiment and shared a status announcing my intention, asking people for their email addresses so we can remain in touch. The status update was viewed by a large number, it was liked by a double-digit people and received a number of comments. some people messaged me with their email addresses, some emailed me directly and others just commented on the status asking “why”.

For about 10 days since I made that first announcement I was signing into my Facebook account a few times a day, checking if people messaged me, looking at notifications and having very minimal interaction through Facebook.

10 Days ago I decided it is time to take it to the next level and I wrote Social Experiment phase 1. the plan I announced was that I won’t log into Facebook for the next 10 days, that I will delete my logins from my Facebook apps and delete the integrated Facebook profile on my phone etc. and I did it!! now reporting back how it went.

Over the past ten days, other than the regular interactions I have with some friends I had a few new ones. some friends emailed me and had a couple of back and forth, some texted and one actually gave me a call to say hello. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from some of them as they never interacted with me on Facebook but looks like they were reading my updates and decided to humour me with my request.

I noticed that I missed the habitual aspect of checking my Facebook more than interacting with posts and updates. which proves that for me Facebook is not a tool to connect with people. I did enjoy the scrolling through updates and commenting on statuses here and there when they looked interesting but it didn’t contribute to a deeper connection with these people I interacted with.

Another funny observation was that I noticed a reduction in my use of Twitter and Instagram which shows some kind of a correlation between my use of Facebook and my total use of Social Media in general. interesting isn’t it?

And finally I realized that there are a certain type of interactions that are primarily taking advantage of Facebook, and during the time I was absent I realized that missed out on announcements/invitations for some of these interactions. if I were to insist on not using Facebook I will have to either let go of some of these interactions or inconveniences their organizers to contact me through other means (if they bother to do so that is). that said I totally relate to how easy it would be to consolidate communications through a single forum/tool/method.

what is next?? It is a bit too early to come to a conclusion, it is also too early to call the experiment to an end. so I decided the following, till the end of May I will be logging into Facebook once every 10 days. in between I will rely on email and other means to communicate with friends.

I am be logging in as I type this, I had close to 30 notifications and a couple of messages. I will clear those, and will share this blog post then log off again for the next 10 days and then will come back with more reports.

thanks for reading


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