Social Media Experiment. “look up”

It was 10 days ago since I last opened my Facebook account I found a couple of friend’s requests, a handful of messages and double digit notifications. I found a few comments on my last post either questioning why I am doing this, questioning the way I am going about my experiment but non of them actually emailed me to say hello. they were content with commenting my facebook status knowing very well I won’t be reading that for another 10 days. I wonder if they even got the message.

one of the comments pointed to this video by Gary Turk #GaryTurk titled “Look up”. what a beautiful message. it wonderfully represents what I am trying to convey with this experiment. but just to be clear, this experiment is more about me and less about other people. it is about my experience with less Facebook in my life.

I noticed that a couple of times in the last ten days I opened a browser and the first thing I typed was Facebook luckily I had removed my password and username from the  browser history so when I was prompted to enter my username and password I moved on to whatever else I needed to do.

I haven’t been engaged in a whole heaps of email discussion or conversations with people so the time I used to spend on Facebook has been replaced with more time being present and more time reflecting on matters of importance to me.

over the past ten days I had moments where certain individuals I was only connected to them via Facebook, and when I deleted Facebook off my phone I didn’t have their contact details any more, I almost wanted to check Facebook just to add them but it wasn’t 10 days yet so I decided to stick to the duration I decided.

Anyway, I am not sure what the next step might be. I am not sure if anyone is “listening” or willing to communicate differently. but well be back in touch and write when I have something to share.

thanks for following.



2 thoughts on “Social Media Experiment. “look up”

  1. First thank you for your wonderful support, presence and encouragement at the reading of the long prayer. I doubt I would have tried with out you there. You and Ming a bringers of joy and comfort.

    Your experiment is interesting. My experience has been the opposite over the last week. I posted about my experience of my Dad’s death and latter experience as I struggle with my grief. I have found it was a wonderful way for many people to know about this without me having to go through my physical address book to find who might have known him and who didnt. It was much quicker to know those who did not have access to either Baha’i or Virtues Project circles and contact them. I found showing some of my heart has helped to clarify my feelings and then I have been amazed and heartened by the heart felt responses.
    Some close friend who dont use FB much I quickly texted, “check my FB status”- – much faster than re writing the story I needed to tell right then.
    Recently a friend’s mother died and seeing what was posted over the next few weeks, meant I got to know her and him at a whole different level.

    That being said, most posts about kittens etc I do flip past pretty quickly!!

    So I am curious to see how your experience unfolds over the next few weeks. What are you more “present” to do you find?


    1. Dearest Margaret, thanks for your generous and kind words. It was moving to hear you say the prayers.

      I actually relate to what you are saying about using Facebook to communicate with others about your father’s death and your grieve process. it played a similar role for me. it was wonderful reading what my friends, family and even people I didn’t know wrote about my brother.

      I guess I am not totally discrediting Facebook, I am questioning its effect on our day to day human interactions. Now that I think about it, it works very well in regards to major life events and milestones, death, birth, moving countries etc. In my view, though these moments are significant in our lives, we still need to be aware of our day to day human connection and go beyond trivial (trivial: being trapped behind a phone screen or the likes, flicking through status updates like we flick through news headlines)

      In the last month I felt like being remote from facebook is allowing me to be more proactive in thinking about my connections. now that I am not being passively fed information about their lives I reach out to check in on them. I am also saving a lot of time. and the urge to grab my phone and check it for new updates (driven by fear of missing out) is reducing which means that I am freer and more focused on the activities I chose to spend my time doing.


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