Going Crazy most recently

so the last time I posted here was probably a couple of years ago. and that was a hard time for me. I am in a completely different place today.

I recently started using an iphone. man the number of apps that are available is crazy. so first it was snapchat, then the video recordings on instagram and then lo and behold, musical.ly appeared. i went crazy. i started recording, I have like 50 plus musicals, I am posting them on facebook and instagram, then today I created my very own YouTube Channel

this is one of the sounds available on musical.ly. so there is a bit of humour where I am just lipsyncing.

there is some dancing involved, this one motivated my kids to get in their PGs and brush their teeth socan do a recording before bed time.

and finally tere is me Singing out loud and occasionally out of key.

the bits that are out of key are very bad it might hurt your ears, but the rest is quite alright. I am working on training my voice so i don’t cause any damage to any ears out there.



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