Social Media Experiment 2 years report

Some of you might remember that 2 years ago I made a decision to abandon Facebook. just now I went on to read what I wrote exactly two years ago and it was fun to reflect on how those two years went by.

So I didn’t fully abandon Facebook, I continued to use it as a messaging platform. I actually went to extreme length to unfollow all my contacts and my feed was very bare. I had a message saying “nothing to show, try adding more friends”. so it was really only for sending and receiving messages. then I went to another extreme where my profile picture said, “who are you looking for” and my banner said “you won’t find any updates here, send me a message or give me a call”

Cons and Pros:

so basically I did miss out on a number of updates around people, events that were exclusively shared on Facebook. like someone giving birth, someone getting married, etc. but on the flip side, people who I naturally meet would ask me about my life cause they actually don’t have other means of finding out than asking me, and when I share then we have a conversation, I get a first hand reaction to what I just shared etc. that said, all in all there was no significant impact neither postive nore negative on my social interaction during the two years.

so what changed.

Facebook and all other Social media are now back to occupy a big part of my daily interactions. I’ve decided to go crazy, make a fool of myself and share it with the world. who knows, maybe I will get enough following to make a career switch and be an entertainer. my stance on Facebook and social media as means of human interaction and true connection with friends hasn’t changed. yet as a tool, social media is very powerful and I am taking advantage of that power.

so to summarise, I am back. kinda, with some conditions. thanks for reading, watching and keeping up with my crazy side. 🙂



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